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Week Notes #2 ・Non-alcohol, Website restructure, Alan Parsons, Into The Night

This is second weekly note of my weekly Week Notes. Why not read post one first?


Thursday 21st May marked 5 months since I gave up alcohol. I miss it far less than I expected. Partly because I feel so much healthier and partly because I’ve found some really excellent alternatives to alcoholic drinks (I have comprehensively reviewed the ones available in Japan here:

Website restructure

Observant viewers may have noticed I have reorganised my website a little bit.

  • The home page, which used to show all my newest posts, will now only show ones I’ve chosen to feature.
  • There’s a new section “All Posts”, which is the full unfiltered feed.

I’ve done this because there are some posts (like my negotiation article) that I spent a lot of time on, am genuinely quite proud of. But sometimes I just note down coding tips or personal thoughts like these Week Notes that, frankly speaking, would be better less read.

With this change I hope to create far more content on topics of personal interest to me, without (hopefully) drowning out the good stuff.

Alan Parsons

Speaking of subtle, almost inconsequential changes, I noticed that the music being played in my local 7-11 that always seemed to have been a cheap synthesiser version of The Monkee’s classic “Cheer Up, Sleepy Jean”, has been replaced by a less irritating piano rendition of the far more obscure Alan Parson’s “Eye In The Sky”.

I’ve actually seen that song being performed live by Alan Parsons, at a gig in Shepherd’s Bush, which I went to with my parents. That same night I took them to one of my favourite Chinese restaurants in London and introduced them to authentic Peking Duck (none of this Crispy Fried Duck rubbish), which they liked a lot, and Jellyfish, which they liked a little less.

I miss live music.

Into The Night

Reading books, cooking, running and Netflix are now what we’ve been doing ‘for fun’ during this pandemic.

I used to joke that after finishing my MBA (last December) I planned to spend the whole of January in my underwear watching Netflix. It seems very hollow now we’re all locked at home hiding from the virus with not a lot else to do.

Over this week we watched “Into the Night”, the new Belgian series on Netflix where the sun’s rays have turned deadly and a group of survivors, each with dark and troubled personal histories, use an airliner to try to outrun them by flying west into the night. Lord of the flies meets Lost meets Speed. It’s utterly ridiculous. Unbelievable. Full of plot holes. Way too overdramatic. But it’s awesome and you should definitely watch it.