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Mousetrap in Mandarin St Martin’s Theatre

I never expected that I’d have to stand for the National Anthem of the People’s Republic of China in a West End theatre in London but then again I guess they don’t have West End plays in Mandarin very often…

This evening I had the unique opportunity of watching the world’s longest running play in London in Mandarin. I could only follow about half of what was going (yet another reminder to work on improving my 普通话) on but was more than enough to understand the story.

“Although The Mousetrap has been licensed in foreign countries worldwide, this is the first time a foreign performance troupe has been invited to give a performance at St. Martin’s Theater,”

Shanghai Modern Theater Company director Zhang YuChina Daily

“捕鼠器”中文版是个很好看的话剧,我居然能看懂一半以上希望回中国能看更多的中文话剧。可是我没想到我会在伦敦西区(West End)剧院听到中国国歌